Inspiration Boards Just Got Easier

I love inspiration boards but damn if they aren't time consuming to create! I've made a few in Photoshop and the process is close to maddening. If you're like me and love the final product but hate the pain of creation, cheer up! Minted has launched a new, easy way to make your own. Not only can you make your own, you can submit your best wedding inspiration board to their current contest and win big bucks in Minted credit!

Watch the video and you'll see just how easy it is.

Head Over Heels Wedding Invitation Challenge

Is open for voting! There are many brilliant designs to rate, everything from the perfect rustic barn wedding invitation to clean and modern ones perfect for a wedding in a science museum. Go now, and let your opinion be known.

wedding invitations - Seaglass Floral
wedding invitations - Seaglass Floral

wedding invitations - Bistro Board
wedding invitations - Bistro Board
wedding invitations - Graphic Photo
wedding invitations - Graphic Photo
wedding invitations - Certified Wed
wedding invitations - Certified Wed

Quickfire Holiday Minibook and New Year Cards

The winners of Minted's last holiday challenge of the year have been announced and one of my New Year designs has been selected as an editor's pick. Yacht Club was lots of fun for me and really pushed my comfort zone with a more creative approach to typography. It's nice to be rewarded with an editor's pick and $100! The winners and other editor's picks are all beautiful, so if you never get around to sending that Christmas card don't despair. There are plenty of great designs for ringing in 2012!

Yacht Club was also selected as a runner-up in the special prize category of "Best Bold Typography Design." So I must be doing something right, right? See the rest of the very deserving special prize winners here.

Sending Good Cheer for 2011

A non-traditional holiday color to be sure but Pantone's 2011 color
of the year
, Honeysuckle, makes a joyful statement.

It's that time of year again! While the rest of the world enjoyed their summer drinking ice cold lemonade and thinking of sand and sun, the world's holiday card designers have locked themselves in their offices. Listening to holiday music and drinking hot cocoa (maybe wearing a woolly hat and scarf for added effect) they attempted to get into the holiday spirit to produce the coming season's best Christmas and holiday stationery designs.

I was lucky enough to have one of my designs selected for sale this season. Minted's Sending Good Cheer challenge was a huge one and produced the best holiday card assortment I've seen yet. "Christmas Cafe" was my best work thus far and one of those designs that just "happened" without much work or thought, it just came pouring out of my stylus and onto the screen. I remember the biggest issue I had with it was what kind of edge to use overlapping the photo, not my normal conundrum with typography. I was so excited about this particular design that I forced my poor husband to "come look!" over five times and each time he played along like a good sport.

So with great pride and a big, silly grin, I ask you to "come look!"

"Christmas Cafe" scored in the top 30 designs of nearly 2250 and was also selected as a runner-up in the special prizes categories of "Best Type-Driven Design" and "Best Retro or Vintage Design." See the rest of the very deserving special prize winners here.

I'm Back!


Where does the time go? Am I the only one who feels like my life is accelerating and the days are going by faster than ever? It's not like I'm working a high-stress job, it just feels like my life is going by at lightning speed and I can't control it. I digress.

I've sorely neglected my little blog for the past few months and I don't have a good excuse. What matters is that I am back now and I am ready to re-commit myself.

I will start off by saying that my Reindog submission to Minted's latest holiday card design competition has been launched as is now for sale on their website. Not only am I excited to have won a prize, been ranked 14th out of 1357 submissions, and see my design for sale on their site but I am most honored to have my work among the premier independent stationery designs on the web today. It's an absolute honor to be among such fantastic designers, artists and typographers. I have sooooo much to learn but this victory has stoked my fire and drives me to expand my abilities, refine my design sense and learn the pillars of great typography. I have a long way to go but I look forward to the journey!

Without further ado, here is Reindog, launched and for sale:

Reindog with custom backer and wrap-around address label.

You have two pets? I've got you covered!

How about a version with space for pets AND kids

There are other colorways to choose from and even a mini-book version. I have a feeling it's going to be a great holiday season!