Sneak Peek! Elegant Peacock: a hand-illustrated wedding invitation

There seems to be a pretty strong trend in the wedding world of using peacock feathers as part of wedding decor as well as using one of nature's most elegant color combinations. Brides the world over are inspired by the rich jewel tones of the male peacock's finery and his majestic silhouette.

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember this pic, taken of some drawings I was working on.

Well, that peacock had been living inside my head for months. I had this vision for a peacock "themed" wedding invitation that was different than any I'd seen before but the problem was trying to get it from my head onto the computer without it looking cheesy. So I collected a bunch of peacock images to give me some ideas for composition and to get the details right.

[I'm working on source references now, hold tight!]

After the initial sketch, I used some tracing paper to clean up and further develop the illustration finally ending with finished drawing which I outlined using a fine point Sharpie. Using the magic of my scanner and Adobe Illustrator my sketch was in the computer and ready for "design-ification."

After some awesome community-suggested tweaks, Elegant Peacock was on it's way to an Editor's Pick. Woooo hoooo!

There is that little green star again!

While the full invitation suite hasn't launched quite yet, here's a sneak peek at what the whole thing will look like. 

While I anxiously await the launch of my Elegant Peacock invitation suite, I know there will be a whole collection of other amazing wedding designs to come. You can get a sneak peek of the other selected designs at the winner's page on Minted right now.

While this post contains some Affiliate links, I am really just super excited to show you the fruits of my hard work! If I make a little commission from some shopping via these links I'll consider it a generous bonus. Thanks for reading!

Modern Belle: a classy letterpress invitation

I am super excited to announce that one of my design entries for the first-ever letterpress wedding invitation challenge at Minted was chosen to be part of the Spring 2014 line!

Check it out! (I love that little green star.)

Living in the South (North Carolina is in "the South," right?) I know how the Southern ladies love their bright colors and fun patterns. I wanted to create a wedding invitation suite that would appeal to the "Southern Belle" that was at once classy and fun in a modern and not too sweet kind of way. In the end, I was inspired by the ever-popular chevron motif and challenged myself to create an invitation that would appeal to both the bride planning a breezy beach wedding as well as the bride planning a wedding on a sumptuous Southern plantation.

My vision looks a little like this inspiration board.

I've been working on the remaining elements of the suite, trying to keep it classy but still integrate the fun chevrons in each element. This is where I ended up.

The suite will be available in one, two and three-color versions giving you the ability to choose each color you'd like from Minted's palette of letterpress inks.

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Inspiration Boards Just Got Easier

I love inspiration boards but damn if they aren't time consuming to create! I've made a few in Photoshop and the process is close to maddening. If you're like me and love the final product but hate the pain of creation, cheer up! Minted has launched a new, easy way to make your own. Not only can you make your own, you can submit your best wedding inspiration board to their current contest and win big bucks in Minted credit!

Watch the video and you'll see just how easy it is.

Trend Watch: Sun Prints

So a year and a half ago I did a little post on flag bunting as inspiration for wedding stationery. Lo and behold, the bunting craze erupted into a mega-huge trend. You see it EVERYWHERE now so in an effort to find out if my post was prophecy or dumb luck I am throwing an official prediction out there for a future wedding and event trend ... the sun print.

I know that artists have been doing this for ages and that there are a great many souls using the cyanotype method of printing for artistic and education applications, but I am guessing that this easy to use method (you can buy kits for cheap at may catch on as a trendy element of weddings and parties. The possibilities are endless! Everything from place and escort cards, table numbers, photobooth props, custom table linens and more will benefit of that pop of blue.

I LOVE cobalt hues (thanks to my Grandma's legendary "blue bathroom" and the collection of cobalt glass she passed down to me) so I couldn't help but try my hand at a sun print-like save-the-date design for Minted's latest challenge.

save the date cards - Sun Print
save the date cards - Sun Print

Do you think sun printing will be a big trend for the coming wedding season? Or should I go buy a lottery ticket and leave trend prediction to the pros?

Need more sun print ideas? Check out these links:

Something Old, Something New Wedding Invitation Challenge

Is open for voting! This challenge focused on designing for different cultures, religions and traditions. There are a ton of great submissions that will allow for brides and grooms around the world to find the perfect invitation for their event. Go now, and let your rating finger do the talking.

wedding invitations - Lucky Horseshoe
wedding invitations - Lucky Horseshoe

wedding invitations - A Comic Book Love Story
wedding invitations - A Comic Book Love Story

wedding invitations - Sales Pitch
wedding invitations - Sales Pitch

wedding invitations - Coral Beach
wedding invitations - Coral Beach

Head Over Heels Wedding Invitation Challenge

Is open for voting! There are many brilliant designs to rate, everything from the perfect rustic barn wedding invitation to clean and modern ones perfect for a wedding in a science museum. Go now, and let your opinion be known.

wedding invitations - Seaglass Floral
wedding invitations - Seaglass Floral

wedding invitations - Bistro Board
wedding invitations - Bistro Board
wedding invitations - Graphic Photo
wedding invitations - Graphic Photo
wedding invitations - Certified Wed
wedding invitations - Certified Wed

Love Under the Stars

Is there anything more romantic than a night under the stars with the one you love? I'm not convinced that there is.

When I sat down to create wedding invitations for the Happily Ever After challenge over at Minted, I started thinking of romantic scenes and how those would translate to wedding stationery. Vintage constellation maps fit perfectly and the idea behind Star Map was born.

If you're not sure how to incorporate more celestial beauty into your wedding let this inspiration board be your starting point.

[ 1. Starlette Crown by giant dwarf 2. Starry night sky reception by Preston Bailey 3. Midnight Blue Sunstone Gold Necklace by friedasophie 4. Reading the Stars cross stitch by MiniatureRhino 5. Star Cluster NGC 290 from HubbleSite 6. tent under stars by Lissy Elle via Gypsy Girl Guide 7. liberty star and t-bar ballet flats from ASOS ]

Still want more starry goodness? Check out these great links:

-Decorate with easy DIY paper stars, tutorial from Annekata
-Sign a night-themed print with white ink for a unique guest book and art combo, Yearning Soul print by Andres Kal
-Gold star sparklers for the perfect reception getaway from Tops Malibu
-Line the aisle with glittered paper stars - Martha
-Wish upon a star wedding band set by BethCyrWeddings

Three Year Anniversary: color inspiration

The fifth of July marks the third year I've been married to my one and only. In order to selfishly relive some of the excitement of wedding planning (without feeling guilty about it) I'll be sharing my inspirations and the details that created my final vision for that awesome day three years ago.

PS: My husband was the best part of that day and continues to brighten my life with his smile, laughter and love ... but that's not what you're here for!


The first thing I tackled was a tentative color palette. I knew I wanted bright and bold colors and something that would work with blue because of the uniform my husband would wear. When I discovered the world of inspiration boards I was in heaven!

orange, red and blue color palette
[ Snippet + Ink: board #123 ]

orange and lemon color palette
[ Snippet + Ink: board #109 ]

aqua blue and orange color palette
[ Snippet + Ink: board #157 ]

bright yellow and navy color palette
[ Snippet + Ink: board #315 ]

As you can probably tell, Snippet + Ink was one of my first "wedding blog" discoveries and quickly became my number one site for wedding eye candy. Don't tell but it's still a favorite today.