Client Spotlight: Shanna Russell

It's been a long time since I shared a client project with you. This one is a bit of a departure from the stationery items that I frequently post. This time a good friend asked me to create a couple custom art prints for her first child's nursery.

Shanna and I met while living in England. She's an independent creative like myself working as a photographer. She is the genius behind the lens of many of the "stock" photos I use in my shops and has taken the very best pics to date of me, my hubs and our pup. While she lives in Idaho now, she wanted to imbue her son's nursery with a sense of adventure and love of travel.

Our first step toward collaboration was the Pinterest board she'd created of inspiring images.

I LOVE when clients do this, it gives me such a great sense of their aesthetic and the kinds of elements and colors that they are drawn to. I prefer the "show me" angle Pinterest allows so much more than the "tell me" of written notes.

With all of that visual stimuli in mind and her request for the "oh, what a wonderful world," quote, I was off to the digital drawing board. I knew I had to do something with a globe for the travel aspect and figured the quote would go well with that image. I also wanted to pay homage to the Russell's roots in Texas, where I knew there had to be a legion of adoring baby Russell fans just waiting to shower their love upon the little one. Shanna wasn't convinced because she had never seen any "Texas art" that she loved (this girl has the best taste, I can't say I was very surprised to hear that). Challenge accepted.

Fast forward ... check out the final prints and her chic nursery.

How cool is that vintage camera?! (Awww, big brother Chuck loves that sheepskin!)

What a sweet little corner of handmade goodness and family heirlooms.

So clever to put baby shower notes and foreign coins under a class side-table top. Plus, how cool is that textured lamp?

Sweet chevrons in blue, grey and orange. 

An old dresser is given new life as a changing table with a coat of rich glossy blue paint and new handles.

 One last look at the knock-out nursery!

Don't forget to check out Shanna's Pinterest  for tons of style inspiration and and follow her page on Facebook to keep up with her wonderful photographic work.

Castle Howard, England

We visited Castle Howard this summer with my in-laws. It's an absolutely amazing Baroque mansion in Yorkshire. Here are a few iPhone (thus the quality) pics of the details I found most beautiful there.

(Look at the light coming through that bust!)

This house is worth an entire day's visit and I am in love with the Yorkshire countryside.

Dublin, Ireland

We took a quick three day trip to Dublin while Mr's brother was in town. We hopped on a pretty cheap Ryan Air flight and stayed at the Anchor House bed and breakfast. I found it via Trip Advisor and we were thrilled with the location, value and the friendliness of the staff. (Trip Advisor hasn't let me down yet!)

Now for some pictures:

Dover Castle, England

After two failed attempts, the Mr. and I finally got into Dover Castle. Luckily it was a beautiful day and my brother in law was in town too so we made a day of it! Dover Castle is a definite "must see" attraction in England if you're on the island.

Here are some of my favorite phone pics of the day.

Christmas Procrastination

I don't have a very good excuse as to why we didn't get a Christmas card out this year. I lost track of time ... so instead we sent out a Happy New Year card featuring a photo from our awesome cruise. You know, 'cause if you have a photo in front of the great pyramids you want everyone to see it.

The past year has been a big one for us with a move to England and some major trips I thought the oh-so-popular bus roll trend would be the perfect way to sum up our year.

(I've blurred out a few locations for personal security reasons and the Mr.'s name, but you get the idea!)