Minted: Coming of Age

It's rating time again for Minted's "Coming of Age" challenge to create age appropriate 16th birthday, quinceanera, confirmation and bar mitzvah invitations.

The first thing that came to my mind is that horrible show on MTV "My Super Sweet Sixteen." If I had been a spoiled brat I think I would have wanted a dance club themed party, complete with glow sticks, cage dancers and lots of house music. Well, not really, but I do love a good beat and practicing my freestyle dance moves in a dimly lit nightclub.

So this is where I went with the challenge.

party invitations - Visualizer

Inspired by the music visualizer on older sound systems, stereo decks and computers, the bars move up and down with the music. This is the girly colorway but it can be easily adapted for a guy's party.

party invitations - We Be Clubbin'

This one came to mind when I thought back to all the club promo fliers that would cover my car after leaving it parked downtown over a weekend.

Neither fit nicely into Minted's established aesthetic but I wanted to be true to my inspiration and create something that said "dance party."