It's Baby Season

Is your bestie knocked up? I don't know about you, but I feel like I've reached that "stage" in life where it feels like many of my friends are welcoming cute, little genetic mash-ups (some call them babies) into the world. Are you desperately searching Pinterest for baby shower ideas? Lucky for the procreating world, their friends and family, Minted is stocked with some of the most darling and chic ready-made party decor items on the market to make that baby shower its absolute best!

Everything is beautifully coordinated, from the invitations to the welcome banner to the drink flags, thanks to the immensely talented stable of designers at Minted's disposal. So don't despair, you too can create a baby shower scene worth re-pinning! Minted has the talent and the paper, you have the muscle and the wallet. The hardest part is going to be deciding which set to use ...

Check out some of my favorite baby shower inspiration boards, all featuring assorted Minted designs.

Color Block by Natasha, see more unique baby shower invitations
Color Block board by Natasha. See more unique baby shower invitations

Bebe by Natasha, see more custom Minted baby shower invitations
Bebe board by Natasha. See more custom Minted baby shower invitations

Hooray! by Maria Anna C, see more Minted baby shower invitations
Hooray! board by Maria Anna C. See more Minted baby shower invitations

Making Faces by Ann Gardner, see more Minted
Making Faces board by Ann Gardner. See more Minted

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Molly & Jason Mesnick's Baby Shower Decor

Big news came via twitter today! My "Animals Born Free" Party Decor suite at Minted popped up as the decor for Molly Mesnick's (of The Bachelor fame) baby shower. Jenny Cookie's created the sweets to reflect the invitation and decor. She even strung some of the table confetti to create a banner for the cake. Let's just get to Lisi Wolf Photography's photos that so perfectly capture the event and decor.

Photos of the shower have been featured on as well as E! online, Yahoo, Project Nursery, The Bump, Lil Sugar, Babble and more. The shower was also shown on E! News!

Pretty awesome.