There is a shoe God!

I have just discovered a company that allows you to design you own shoes without an outrageous price tag AND if they don't fit when you get them, the company will repair them free of charge?!

When I get really excited about something I begin to suck at describing it in words. Just go here and see for yourself!

Go from this ...
to this!
Shoes of Prey will be getting money from me very soon!

Fashion: Violet Flats

Some women love handbags, some women love jewelry but if you can't already tell, I'm a shoe girl and I've found my new obsession for spring.

Magrit $172
So this is a little more French Court than May flowers, but what a fantastic use of color! I'd wear them with cropped, skinny black trousers, a voluminous orange silk top and lots of black chain jewelry.

Kate Spade $95
Who doesn't want gift bows on their toes?!

How do you feel about violet flats? Would you wear any of these shoes? What would you wear them with?

Client Spotlight: Kate

Kate asked me to dye her crinoline this sweet lilac color and little did I know she was going to wear it with a pair of awesome lilac Chuck Taylors! (She's a girl after my own heart.) I love how it came out and the color really pops against the green grass.

How adorable are these bride and groom converse WITH their wedding date written on the heel?!

Without a doubt, this is one cute and chill couple!