Minted Art: Zebraba Tile

I'm excited to share that one of my recently launched art prints with Minted has been featured in an email highlighting the Pop Art movement as well as on the gallery wall of a very stylish beauty blogger. I'm pleased to introduce Zebraba Tile ...

shown in daffodil yellow, see more colors here

In this piece I've combined three of my favorite things: animal subject matter, the contrast of black and white, and repeating pattern. It kind of reminds me of an ink blot but with a tangible subject matter.

Pop Art email from Minted

Look at this beautifully feminine gallery wall by Teresa of Money Can Buy Lipstick! I love all those blush pink tones. Is it any wonder Pantone choose a soft pink shade as one of its Color of the Year picks for 2016?

photo from Money Can Buy Lipstick, see more soft pink prints here

All of the links above to Minted are affiliate links. I believe in the quality of Minted's prints and I'm confident in sharing their products with you. If you purchase from one of my links I will make a couple bucks, help a sister out?

Minted: Wall Art for Awesome Babies

I don't know about you, but when Spring rolls around I get antsy for change. Not major life-changing change, but aesthetic change. I'm happy to banish the grey skies and cold temperatures for a brighter and sunnier point of view which, for me, translates to adding more color to my life and my living space. Occasionally this means I put some sort of bright color in my hair but more often it means I buy art.

Maybe it's the art school kid in me but I am a bit of an art junkie. I give myself a small monthly budget for buying art from independent artists which means I spend way too much time trolling the web for budget friendly originals and prints from relatively unknown artists. Over the last year I've found that Minted has an ever-growing selection of outstanding art prints available in a variety of sizes, prices and color options. Some of them are even customizable and make great gifts! Plus, they are all created by Minted's infamous global community of designers! (Of which, I am lucky enough to be one.)

A color that has really grabbed my attention lately is pink, but not super sweet pastel pink. I'm really digging bright pinks, especially when paired with darker, sophisticated colors. While I am not inclined to base a room in my (temporary, sigh) home around pink but I am an equal opportunity color appreciator so I still have fun designing the "idea." Using Minted's groovy new inspiration board builder tool, I've matched up some pink-ish prints to curate a collection that is both sweet AND smart yet doesn't scream "Princess Party." This is the kind of art that would be perfect for a baby girl's room yet is adult enough to "grow up" as she does. Shoot, she may even take them to her future dorm room!

Just in case you needed a little more help styling a little girl's room ... LayBabyLay is my favorite baby/kid blog, basically because her nursery inspiration boards are so fun and so full of freshness! Wouldn't you know it, I found an inspiration board that would totally work with the art I've curated above! The bright, sweetness of the pink plays so well with the darker, more sophisticated navy. I'd venture to say even a dark forest green would work just as well.

So whether you want to update your nursery with a colorful, personalized print or looking to fill in the space above your couch, don't miss out and browse through Minted's unique and fresh variety of Wall Art

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It's Baby Season

Is your bestie knocked up? I don't know about you, but I feel like I've reached that "stage" in life where it feels like many of my friends are welcoming cute, little genetic mash-ups (some call them babies) into the world. Are you desperately searching Pinterest for baby shower ideas? Lucky for the procreating world, their friends and family, Minted is stocked with some of the most darling and chic ready-made party decor items on the market to make that baby shower its absolute best!

Everything is beautifully coordinated, from the invitations to the welcome banner to the drink flags, thanks to the immensely talented stable of designers at Minted's disposal. So don't despair, you too can create a baby shower scene worth re-pinning! Minted has the talent and the paper, you have the muscle and the wallet. The hardest part is going to be deciding which set to use ...

Check out some of my favorite baby shower inspiration boards, all featuring assorted Minted designs.

Color Block by Natasha, see more unique baby shower invitations
Color Block board by Natasha. See more unique baby shower invitations

Bebe by Natasha, see more custom Minted baby shower invitations
Bebe board by Natasha. See more custom Minted baby shower invitations

Hooray! by Maria Anna C, see more Minted baby shower invitations
Hooray! board by Maria Anna C. See more Minted baby shower invitations

Making Faces by Ann Gardner, see more Minted
Making Faces board by Ann Gardner. See more Minted

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Beth's Custom Invitation Suite

Beth contacted me about designing a whole wedding invitation suite so she could print the pieces on her own. Using her inspiration images and style preferences I drafted about five different invitation versions for her to look at and tell me which direction she wanted to go in.

She decided she would use a gold 5"x7" petal enclosure for the invite backing. She picked pink to accent the gold and a clean, swirl graphic and a circular monogram. This is her final design.

Once we established the invitation the rest was easy! These are her invitation inserts.

Thank you Beth!