Put Junk in that Trunk!

Vintage style steamer trunks are all the rage right now in home decor and styling. If you have the moolah there are many great options for purchasing your own. If you have the patience to hunt you can score your own at flea markets, thrift shops, and online re-sale sites. If you have a DIY-thumb you can build your own. The opportunities are endless!

Let's start with the DIY. If you're not already familiar with Ana White and her awesome website you need to get familiar. Lucky for us, she just posted a plan to build your own wood trunk!

image by Shanty2Chic

I've also found a four part video tutorial for building a wood steamer-style trunk HERE.

Do you have already have a trunk that needs some love? Here are some blog posts about revamping old trunks that may inspire your own revamp project.
There are many more to be found around the web, so go forth and search for your perfect diy match!

What, you don't have a trunk yet? You'll need to fix that first. My go-to resources for finding treasure are craigslist.org , bookoo.com and eBay . I'm also a fan of local antique shops and malls, flea markets, garage sales and even the occasional classified ad in the newspaper. The hard part is finding what you want for a price you want to pay.

You don't like how antique shops smell? You're afraid of strangers from the internet? You have money to spend on the stuff you want? Okay, then, let's do some shopping!

a steamer on legs that'd work as a coffee table for $590.00 from wayfair.com

good for storage and budget friendly at $279.99 from World Market

detailed leather and very budget friendly this is $119.99 from Overstock.com

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