I love animals and old school sneakers.

I have always loved animals. Over my lifetime I've lived with and loved 5 cats, 8 dogs, 1 pony, 8 horses and one little brother. To say I am an animal person is an understatement. If I'm at another person's home for a social event and there is a pet running around, I'll spend more time talking to it than the people. So a few years ago, when I discovered the work of Sharon Montrose, I was beyond excited.

She is a brilliant photographer. Her studio shots are so clean and airy feeling with a fantastic use of white space that offsets the intimate portrait of her subjects. While the execution could feel cold and scientific she chooses the shots that give a sense individual life to every animal. Not to mention the sheer detail of their textures; the rough bristles of a coat, the shiny wetness of an eye, the strength and hardness of a shell, it's like feeling with your eyes. Check out The Animal Print Shop for yourself and I dare you not to fall in love.

I also love old school sneakers. (Now, just bear with me here.) The first pair of new "school shoes" that I can remember picking out were black, low top Vans with the white side stripe. Imagine my surprise when I get an email for The Everygirl's weekly feature and the first photo is Sharon Montrose wearing a pair of slip-on Vans in black and grey check. I mean, come on! Awesome animal photos AND old school sneakers?! She is now my photography hero.

Vans Old Skool™ Core Classics