Love Under the Stars

Is there anything more romantic than a night under the stars with the one you love? I'm not convinced that there is.

When I sat down to create wedding invitations for the Happily Ever After challenge over at Minted, I started thinking of romantic scenes and how those would translate to wedding stationery. Vintage constellation maps fit perfectly and the idea behind Star Map was born.

If you're not sure how to incorporate more celestial beauty into your wedding let this inspiration board be your starting point.

[ 1. Starlette Crown by giant dwarf 2. Starry night sky reception by Preston Bailey 3. Midnight Blue Sunstone Gold Necklace by friedasophie 4. Reading the Stars cross stitch by MiniatureRhino 5. Star Cluster NGC 290 from HubbleSite 6. tent under stars by Lissy Elle via Gypsy Girl Guide 7. liberty star and t-bar ballet flats from ASOS ]

Still want more starry goodness? Check out these great links:

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