Three Year Anniversary: color inspiration

The fifth of July marks the third year I've been married to my one and only. In order to selfishly relive some of the excitement of wedding planning (without feeling guilty about it) I'll be sharing my inspirations and the details that created my final vision for that awesome day three years ago.

PS: My husband was the best part of that day and continues to brighten my life with his smile, laughter and love ... but that's not what you're here for!


The first thing I tackled was a tentative color palette. I knew I wanted bright and bold colors and something that would work with blue because of the uniform my husband would wear. When I discovered the world of inspiration boards I was in heaven!

orange, red and blue color palette
[ Snippet + Ink: board #123 ]

orange and lemon color palette
[ Snippet + Ink: board #109 ]

aqua blue and orange color palette
[ Snippet + Ink: board #157 ]

bright yellow and navy color palette
[ Snippet + Ink: board #315 ]

As you can probably tell, Snippet + Ink was one of my first "wedding blog" discoveries and quickly became my number one site for wedding eye candy. Don't tell but it's still a favorite today.