Before + After: Side Table

Say hello to my first painted furniture project.

I picked up this end table for $5 from someone on my local website when it looked like this:

water stained and boring

To begin, I removed the old pulls and used wood filler on the holes. Once filled and dried I had my first chance to use our electric pad-sander and, in my excitement, failed to don the proper eye protection. You would think I'd not mess this key step up again (I got paint stripper in my eye when I tackled a massive dining room chair project). But I did and I ended up with some particles under my contact lens and by the next morning I couldn't open my eye. Diagnosis? Scratched cornea. While this really has nothing to do with my project I'd just like to impress upon you to PROTECT YOUR EYES!

sanded, primed and ready for paint

I immediately went to the home improvement store and picked out a whole mess of brightly colored paint chips. It took me a few weeks to decide on a color but I settled with Minted Glory 6 by Dulux in high gloss.

first coat

Once painted I scoured local stores, antique shops and the web for the perfect knobs. You wont be surprised to find out I picked some vintage inspired, cut black glass knobs from Anthropologie. Specifically, these.


Scratched cornea aside, I had a great time working on this project. I have since purchased a tall dresser for my next painting project and discovered a great series on Design*Sponge by Barb of Knack that you absolutely have to check out if you're into refinishing furniture. It's called Before & After Basics and covers everything from lining drawers and stripping paint to cleaning up old hardware. Go forth and tackle that project you've been putting off!