Minted Editor's Picks!

Holy smokes! In the last two challenges I've entered at Minted I've somehow managed to win 4 Editor's Pick awards. Not only am I totally shocked but also super excited! It's nice to feel like my hard work is paying off and for the opportunity to get my name out there and make some dough.

My first Editor's Pick came from my only entry in the minibook card challenge. I wanted to enter something in the challenge and see what it was like to work with the minibook format but I was at a total loss as what to do. Then I got my weekly Etsy email and they featured a ton of items all using triangles. I thought, "Gosh, I like triangles but I've never really done anything with them, I'll see what I come up with and submit it to this challenge." So I did. My design ended up reminding me a lot of all the stained glass windows here in England so that's what I called it.

I submitted it thinking I'd never win with it but was happy to have completed the "assignment" I'd given myself. Low and behold ... I get the results email from voting and my design is listed on there. What? While it didn't score very high (there were so many kick-ass designs!) someone saw some merit in it and I'm not going to argue!
Here's the design I submitted:

The design bones aren't bad but that color palette is all over the place.

Now here is the version for sale on Minted

A vast improvement in color palette and much more striking with the bold navy blue background.