Reindog on the Web

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a marked increase in the sales of my design Reindog and it's variations: Reinpet, Reinpet + Family, and the Reindog Minibook. Obviously the approach of the holiday season means more and more people are making their holiday card purchases but in the past week my sales went from an average of 6 to 29!!! Hello, that's almost a 500% increase!

So I turned to my favorite method of investigation: Google. When I entered "reinpet + minted" I found that in the past couple weeks many blogs have been doing giveaways and one in particular, Twig & Thistle, featured the Reinpet design in their giveaway post. (Which you can still enter to win until Nov 16th) Woooot woot!

My search brought me to a blog I've not seen before (but promptly added to my feed reader) called Design Blahg. She also featured Reindog in her holiday card post with this awesome quote:

"The one place I've found where I kind of like these photo cards, IF you're gonna do em is on And also I guess this is mostly a ppl with kids kinda thing to do anyway. ONLY NOT! Check out this one, motherfuckers! [... image of card design ...] NOW THAT'S the kind of holiday card I can totes get behind!. It's a "Reindog Holiday Card!" I mean, I'm a friggin Jewy assed Jew and I still kinda want that thing for Oliver."

Hilarious! Clearly the pet market needed to be tapped and I'm lucky enough to have been the first one via the Minted design competitions.

Now the pressure is on to remain innovative and win more design challenges!