Minted: 2010 Holiday Card Spectacular

Minted's holiday card challenge is now closed for submissions and they ended up with a whopping 1364 entries!! I have never seen so many design submissions for any of their previous challenges, it's a good thing they'll be doing two rounds of voting.

This means that I will need your votes more than ever!
1. The first round of voting, the "Nomination" period, will begin today at 5pm Pacific Time.

2. The scoring buttons (1 through 5) will appear on the design rating pages, and designers and fans will be encouraged to rate the designs. The Nomination round will close Monday June 14, so please rate quickly.

3. Minted will spend a day or so analyzing the votes, and approximately 25% of the highest scoring designs from this process will be moved into the next round for final voting.
So what are you waiting for?! GO VOTE!

Neon Relish

Cross Stitched Lovers

Joyous Kwanzaa


Cast & Crew

Favorite Sweater

My personal favorite: Reindog

(Created but didn't get posted in time for judging: Reincat)