Wedding Re-Do

Back in November, a friend and I went shopping for evening dresses. We were on a quest for long dresses and I wanted color. After every department store we could find we went to White House Black Market. (Why we didn't go there first. I'm not sure.)

Immediately, my friend found a great slim, long black dress with beautiful painted white flowers along the whole length of the side. While she was trying it on, the sales ladies were unpacking boxes of merchandise that had just arrived that day. One of the sales associates brought a beautiful red rose patterned, satin gown, out to show the other employees. I had to try it on!!

It was gorgeous but well out of my budget for this event. I didn't buy it (it's out of stock online) but I still find myself thinking about it and have a saved search for it in eBay.

Getting to the point ...

While perusing the WH BM website today I stumbled across the same gown in ivory!

I wish I could have another wedding. I'd do many things different (but I'd keep the same groom) and one of those things would be to wear this dress! I cannot express how madly in love with it I am.
How about a two-year anniversary vow renewal? Sigh. If any of you wear this for your wedding, can you show me the pictures? I'm happy to live vicariously through someone else!