If I had a million dollars ...

You know the tune, feel free to sing.

I love eBay. Have I told you that before?

Since we'll be moving into a new place very soon, I've been reading many home design blogs for inspiration. This always leads to hours of searching on eBay. Without boring you further, here are some of the fantastic finds I've got my eye on.

This gorgeous blue milk glass lamp base with it's Greek details and quirky tilt.
Buy it Now for $350

Four milk glass dental tool trays. If the dentist doesn't scare you and you run them through the dishwasher these would be perfect for the bathroom or kitchen sink. I think the six section one in particular would go on my dresser for earring and ring collection at the end of the day.
Bidding starts at $9.99

How cool is this! A nice scientific spin on the neo-classical porcelain bust.
Buy it Now for $49.99

Yes, it's a little creepy, but it's A LOT cool -- screen printed show poster by Jermaine Rogers.
Starting bid $9.99

Southwestern, possibly Navajo, 44"x33" rug. Neutral tones with a nice graphic pattern.
Bidding starts at $49.99

Ernst Haeckel chromolithograph -- my favorite color pallet and I adore his sea life illustrations.
Bidding currently at $15.50 but will end much higher.

The final item of desire:

1970 Mini Classic - I WANT this with every fiber of my being.
Bidding at $12,000 (reserve not met)