Fashion: Boots

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with my normal vein of posting, BUT I am really excited and figured a fashion post would be a nice change of pace.

I finally (I know, winter is half-way over) broke down and bought some boots that I can tuck leggings and skinny jeans into. I own a few pairs of boots, but none roomy enough for stuffing.

One of my New Year Resolutions was to "keep up with current trends without becoming slave to them." Which means to me, stay adventurous with my clothing and try new things even when I'm highly doubtful they'd work for me.

For example, I've always loved my boot cut jeans but this summer while perusing Express I decided to "just try on" a pair of skinny jeans, thoroughly convinced that my athletic legs and skinny ankles would make me look like a sausage gone wrong. I was pleasantly surprised when even my 5'10" size 10 frame looked damn good in them! So I bought a pair and even tossed in a pair of cropped black leggings as well.

I North Carolina I could get by wearing my skinny jeans with my Target zebra flats, even in December so the high boot trend didn't spark my attention. But spending time in CO and WI over the holidays and arriving in England where it is very damp and chilly my flats just no longer cut it. Thus I began my search.

These are some of the styles I contemplated.

1. Triumph by Wanted 2. Soldier by Restricted 3. Wisker by Blowfish

With my final choice being these boots.

Tripin - Chinese Laundry

I can't wait to try them on and wear them out to the pubs. Normally I'm a high, high heel girl but I figured high, heels and over-the-knee style would throw me into Pretty Woman land and that's not a place I want to go.

Maybe when I get them paired with a good outfit I'll post a photo ...