Five Crates

The day has finally arrived. Our second home together was wrapped in brown paper and cardboard, and stuffed into wooden crates. I was ready this morning at 9am with a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, a gallon of coffee and the dog off to boarding. After a GPS induced detour, our packers/movers arrived about 10:30am and promptly got to work.

Chad, Nate and Dave worked diligently to stuff everything (that we didn't pack in four suitcases) into boxes, the smell of permanent marker filling the air. I really wanted to help but couldn't because of liability so I cleaned.

When lunch rolled around almost everything was packed up. After a quick pizza break I had to take the car to Firestone to get a weird brake noise checked out. A few hours passed and I made some progress in my current read, The Alibi Club. When I get the car back it turns out they had no idea why the break was grinding. However, after taking everything off the wheel and putting it all back on again, the noise stopped. Thankfully, after the $800+ bill for a new clutch yesterday they were kind enough to let me go for free today.

I arrived back at the house to find half of the crates already packed with our stuff. Let me tell you it is weird to see all your stuff stuffed into grungy, plywood, boxes on the back of a truck.

On the plus side, all the moving I've done has kept me from collecting lots of extra crap. The Air Force allows us to move 13,00 lbs of household goods to the UK and we figure we've only hit the 6,000 lb mark. I guess that means I have lots of shopping to do!

Tomorrow is the first of our driving days and I expect an adventure. This will be our first road trip with Minnie, and we face a winter storm in the Appalachians. Wish us luck!

(Photos added 12.25)