DIY: Ribbon Wreath with a Twist

I know this tutorial is old news in the blogosphere but upon discovering a bin of $1 ribbon spools at Michael's I decided to try it out. I wanted to create a "holiday-ish" version so I also picked up some gold ball ornaments and glitter gold leaves.

I don't know if I got the right base ring for the wreath but I figured wood would work just as well as wire or foam and it was cheap. I cut 11-ish inch lengths of ribbon and tied them around the ring with double knots, attempting to tie them each the same way. (This was hard as I was also watching an intense movie and had a dog distracting me.)

This is what it looked like with the ribbons finished.

Behold, the final product! I used my hand little hot glue gun to attach the gold balls and foliage. I think the battleship grey ribbon with the gold accents give it a nice non-specific holiday vibe while still feeling festive.

I had so much fun with it I've contemplated making more ... but who knows if that'll happen.