Welcome Minnie!

We got a dog! She is about 1 yr old now and really sweet. She loves to cuddle as well as run through puddles and chase bugs.

This is when we "met" at an adoption drive and applied to adopt her. She's about 6 months old here.

Long story short ... we got a call a week later saying she'd been adopted to a family who had turned their paperwork in before us but we "have a strong application" and the rescue really wanted us to adopt a dog from them. We were dissapointed but decided to look around more, hoping maybe things wouldn't work out with the family that adopted her. Another week passes and we get another phone call saying the family's old chihuahua doesn't like Minnie and would we still like to adopt her. We said "Yes!"

Here she is on our couch, for good, a few days later.

This is her crate/cave/den

Playing in the back yard.