New Blog Discovery & Packaging

I just found what may be my most favorite blog to date. It's called The Dieline and it's all about package design which is something that I find utterly fascinating. It wasn't until working at Impact Confections that I ever really thought about package design. Now I can't ignore it and I love finding beautiful designs as well as functional. There is something about pairing a great product with great design, both form and ornament, that excites me.

Here are some tasty image snippets from The Dieline blog.

If you've ever been in a liquor store, you'll recognize these labels.
I quite like the simplicity, they're also very memorable. I've never
had the wine but hear it is quite good for the price point.

This is one of the concepts for Mockingbird Lager. I would buy it just for the bottle!

Pretty bottles from the Belvoir Fruit Farms

While I'm on the topic I should give a shout out to my brother-in-law at Wink for this super sweet design.
Look! A new flavor!
Not only are these containers attractive and made of
recycled plastic, the stuff in them smells awesome too!
Daub & Bauble

While we're on packaging, these are packages that I designed ... not as hip as the examples above but they fit into the brand's identity.