Inspiration: Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman's most known work is likely the movie poster for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. He's also illustrated for scores of other products and books.

He has a signature style often consisting of a great sense of motion through variation of line, perspective, ink splatters, a smart use of white space, limited but high impact color, and distortion.

While his style is not to everyone's taste, I am fascinated by it. His art is not pretty but I am intrigued by every composition. I am drawn to the "creepiness" and the unsettling feeling that seeps from every picture. I imagine he paints and draws furiously, using emotion (and other chemicals) as much as skill to create.

I love this study of a bullfight. The shapes are simple but the action is intense,
highlighted by a purposeful use of color.

Even this illustration of "Sadie," a dog I assume he loved, has a quickness in it's line
and a sense of emotion.

Owning an original piece of his art is a future goal of mine but until then I will settle for the six-pack version of his illustrations from the Flying Dog Brewery (from Aspen, Colorado, no less).

I wish I could post all of my favorites of his work, but these few will have to suffice. Google him for more awesomeness!