Inspiration: David Altmejd

David Altmejd is a Canadian sculpture (installation?) artist that I discovered on my art major trip to New York City in 2004. While I enjoyed seeing the classics, no trip to New York is complete without visiting the hip galleries full of artists who are still alive! No one moved me as much as David Altmejd did.

"Altmejd is known for creating works which set up a duality between a geometric architectural space and more figurative material, manifest in his well known platform-like sculptures housing a glittering cabinet of curiosities . . . Altmejd's sculptures are always in a state of becoming. Mirrored, spiraling staircases are a visual metaphor of infinity and the seemingly growing clusters of crystals and mirrored cubes, hair, and stalactite epoxy clay all work to picture a sculpture in a constant state of change." -Andrea Rosen Gallery

Yes, his work is grotesque but not gory. I like that. It's not conventional, it's not "pretty" and easy to look at. It's hairy and decayed but also sparkly and organic. It's about death and life and the cycle of decay and growth. The micro and macro elements provide interest from all angles and distances and his work is absolutely fascinating in person.

Altmejd "allows the viewer to bypass the need for a simple intellectual explanation and allows him or her to instead become a visceral participant in the construction of worlds that much like our own are forever a mystery, infinite in their ability to change, generous in meaning - a world of glittering growth and sublime decay"
-Andrea Rosen Gallery

I think I spent two hours looking at this installation and would spend another three if I had the chance!