I Want to Paint the Walls!

I just found the Stencil Library, a site that offers a ton of paint stencils, with many in large sizes. While there are plenty of the kitchy variety, there are some great ones that I'd love to try ...

1. these leaves are fun without being too feminine

2. this design is nice as a floral but I cant help but think it'd be super cool as a wall sized Ishihara colorblindness test

3. pretty, girlie flowers

4. I would love to do some of these columns in white on a bathroom wall on either side of a classic claw foot bathtub

5. I can't think of a better way to save space in a small room

6. My favorite stencil! How fun would it be to see your face and the rest of the family on the wall every time you came to visit?

1. Leaves 2. Chives 3. Honeysuckle 4. Columns
5. Headboard 6. Personalized Frames