Welcome! I started 2birdstone in 2008 after getting bit by the stationery bug while designing invitations for my wedding. As a fine art major in college the world of computer graphic design was a new and exciting frontier. I am a self-taught graphic designer with an love of color, unique composition and humor. I define my style with the words "fun" and "fresh" and I always strive to create something new and exciting that hasn't been done yet.

I founded 2birdstone in 2008 after designing stationery for my own wedding. With a background in fine art, a love of color and a slightly silly sense of humor my designs are always fresh and fun. It's my goal to give you the very best service and design so if you don't see exactly the product you want in my shops please don't hesitate to contact me. I love custom projects and am always happy to add custom color combinations to the product lines currently available. I am here to serve you so please reach out with questions, comments and concerns.